My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::

This scanned, uploaded zine would not have existed without Safdar Ahmed, an inspiring, emotive man who ran a workshop at the 2014 National Young Writers’ Festival in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I made it in the second hour of the two-hour session using this technique, which Safdar taught us, and its unselfconsciousness (a quality my writing usually lacks) owes a lot to his stories of the Refugee … Continue reading My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::

Why swim with elephants? ::

I’ve had three blogs prior to this one. None of them exist today. I designed them for specific purposes and named them accordingly. That was their death knell. When I became disinterested in that purpose or felt constrained, the blog went to the glue factory. So when I started ‘Swimming with Elephants’, my chief desire was that it survive. I had to defuse my desire … Continue reading Why swim with elephants? ::

How to Review Stuff ::

[I wrote this “how to” for a group of reviewers currently assigned by Canberra writers organisation Scissors Paper Pen, via their Papercuts program, to the 2014 You Are Here festival. They’re reviewing all sorts: theatre, dance, film, panels, music, collaborative projects, so I was general and succinct.  It is divided into two sections: “Conduct”, covering what to do whilst attending the event, and “Content”, covering … Continue reading How to Review Stuff ::

Music Journalism vs. Bluejuice’s Jake Stone ::

[What follows is my personal opinion and, though it attempts to be impartial, is a subjective retelling of events. I am no longer employed by BMA Magazine, nor do these opinions reflect the opinions of BMA Magazine or its affiliates, including but not limited to the author of the review in question, who is at this juncture satisfied with how matters were resolved between himself and … Continue reading Music Journalism vs. Bluejuice’s Jake Stone ::

Kanye West — Yeezus ::

In the first two minutes of self-declared pariah Kanye West’s sixth album, he has already drawled, ‘I put ma dick in her maaaaaaaouth’. It’s little wonder people mock Kanye, unapologetic, misogynistic, incapable of lyrical or emotional evolution as he is. His one foray into baring his soul (2008’s 808s & Heartbreak) exposed his capacity for emotional reflexivity for what it was: self-inflated, stunted, stupid. Who … Continue reading Kanye West — Yeezus ::

Bonobo — The North Borders ::

Music of the type created by London producer Simon Green (aka Bonobo) has become an over-saturated commodity. Chillwave and experimental future bass has been pushed to popular extremes – even Australia finally has its own poster child in Flume. Ten years ago, Green was a pioneer of this sound. In 2010 he pushed it with brave, eclectic experimentation to an extreme in his fourth LP, Black … Continue reading Bonobo — The North Borders ::