My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::

This scanned, uploaded zine would not have existed without Safdar Ahmed, an inspiring, emotive man who ran a workshop at the 2014 National Young Writers' Festival in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I made it in the second hour of the two-hour session using this technique, which Safdar taught us, and its unselfconsciousness (a quality my writing usually … Continue reading My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::

Oneohtrix Point Never — Chrome Country :: Every sound in this song is ideal. The final minute alone is invaluable. And whoever made this video decided a fitting image to accompany this music would be a man crawling around in a field cramming mushrooms into his mouth and then blissing out really, really hard. Found money.

Robert Fink, on Repetitive Music ::

... repetitive music provides an acknowledgment, a warning, a defense -- or even just an aesthetic thrill -- in the face of myriad repetitive relationships that, in late-capitalist consumer society, we must all face over and over (and over and over ...). We repeated ourselves into this culture. We might be able to repeat ourselves out.

Music Journalism vs. Bluejuice’s Jake Stone ::

[What follows is my personal opinion and, though it attempts to be impartial, is a subjective retelling of events. I am no longer employed by BMA Magazine, nor do these opinions reflect the opinions of BMA Magazine or its affiliates, including but not limited to the author of the review in question, who is at this … Continue reading Music Journalism vs. Bluejuice’s Jake Stone ::