Book Review — Lovers’ Knots (1992) by Marion Halligan

This review is part of the No Man’s Land Reading Project, an attempt to right a gendered imbalance in my reading and a general imbalance in the availability of reviews (by men, especially) of works by female authors. The sub-heading of this book is “A hundred-year novel”. This is no lie: the sum of the many disparate and delicately related stories in this novel do span a … Continue reading Book Review — Lovers’ Knots (1992) by Marion Halligan

One hundred words on electric sheep ::

Some winter mornings when I check my weather widget, it tells me the day will be warm. Not just warm: beautiful, perfect. My weather widget dreams. I put my computer to sleep and it drifts away. I wake it up in the morning and it’s still there, away, sleepily oblivious to cold Canberra mornings. Doe-eyed, it tells me it’s a beautiful day, Ashley, and tomorrow … Continue reading One hundred words on electric sheep ::

My Speech from “Canberra 2014: The Great Comedown” ::

[Last year, on Tuesday March 19, during You Are Here 2013 and thanks to Scissors Paper Pen, two teams of three were dubbed “for” and “against” and given the following prompt: The Canberra Centenary: a year of festivities dedicated to celebrating symmetry. But how balanced are the pros and cons associated with the Centenary’s effect on a small arts community? Should we reject it, or … Continue reading My Speech from “Canberra 2014: The Great Comedown” ::

How to Review Stuff ::

[I wrote this “how to” for a group of reviewers currently assigned by Canberra writers organisation Scissors Paper Pen, via their Papercuts program, to the 2014 You Are Here festival. They’re reviewing all sorts: theatre, dance, film, panels, music, collaborative projects, so I was general and succinct.  It is divided into two sections: “Conduct”, covering what to do whilst attending the event, and “Content”, covering … Continue reading How to Review Stuff ::