Winter time ::

[The following is a short story I wrote for the National Portrait Gallery's The Big Chill: Fireside Tales short story and poetry competition. The prompt was the photo below, which was taken in Sydney by Dr Julian Smith some time in the 1940s. Nothing is known about the subject, so entrants were asked to use … Continue reading Winter time ::

Confucius (551 BC-479 BC), on Leadership ::

Lead the people with governmental measures and regulate them by law and punishment, and they will avoid wrongdoing but have no sense of honour and shame. Lead them with virtue and regulate them by the rules of propriety, and they will have a sense of shame and, moreover, set themselves right.

Anzac Day: forgetting lest and going undercover ::

My grandfather served in the Second World War as an engineer. I thought, all my young life, that he observed the passage of Anzac Day with some solemnity. Turns out he didn’t observe it at all. Abhorred the thing, actually. His chief critique was similar to one Wilfred Owen leveled at war propaganda in his … Continue reading Anzac Day: forgetting lest and going undercover ::