Book Review — We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (2013) by Karen Joy Fowler

This review is part of the No Man's Land Reading Project, an attempt to right a gendered imbalance in my reading and a general imbalance in the availability of reviews (by men, especially) of works by female authors. The first thing I said when I finished Karen Joy Fowler’s immensely popular, critically acclaimed, Man Booker … Continue reading Book Review — We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves (2013) by Karen Joy Fowler

NYWF in Review: Best Job or Total Flop with Ash Thomson

I was lucky enough to attend a panel addressing the profession of editing at the 2014 National Young Writers’ Festival. Here’s what I thought of it, and why.

Scissors Paper Pen

National Young Writers Festival has been and gone, but that festivalia feeling (and post-festival survey) is here to stay with our short series featuring Canberra writers recalling the best, worst, and most memorable bits of the NYWF twennyfifteen. We’re kicking off with Ash Thomson and his festival pick, Best Job or Total Flop, which featured Johannes Jakob, Kat Muscat, Alice Grundy, Zoya Patel and Elena Gomez at The Royal Exhange.

Event description:An age old profession, editing is often held up in the writing community as the perfect job for writers and readers alike, but does the day to day experience live up to the hype? Five editors chat about the ins and outs of editorial life.

NYWF_logo1Robert Gottleib, editor to Joseph Heller, John le Carré, Doris Lessing, Toni Morrison and host of other successfuls, told The Paris Review that the glorification of editors is not a wholesome thing. He was also…

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My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::

This scanned, uploaded zine would not have existed without Safdar Ahmed, an inspiring, emotive man who ran a workshop at the 2014 National Young Writers' Festival in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. I made it in the second hour of the two-hour session using this technique, which Safdar taught us, and its unselfconsciousness (a quality my writing usually … Continue reading My weird fish (aka my first ever zine) ::