My dad smiling ::

In May this year my parents went to Japan for three weeks. It’s the first time they’ve been overseas in almost twelve years, and the longest time they’ve been overseas without my brother and I since 1985. When they came back they borrowed my laptop to show my aunts their travel photos. When they returned the laptop the photos were still on it. I looked through, and noticed myself smiling … Continue reading My dad smiling ::

Why swim with elephants? ::

I’ve had three blogs prior to this one. None of them exist today. I designed them for specific purposes and named them accordingly. That was their death knell. When I became disinterested in that purpose or felt constrained, the blog went to the glue factory. So when I started ‘Swimming with Elephants’, my chief desire was that it survive. I had to defuse my desire … Continue reading Why swim with elephants? ::

Written on my Grandmother’s Typewriter ::

This machine was my grandmother’s. It would have been my grandfather, though, who kept it in working condition. From what my mother has told me, Thomas Arnold Thomson was fascinated by the mechanics of machinery. If anything in the house broke, Thomas Arnold Thomson’s solution was to purchase a manual explaining how the thing worked and fix it himself. So that he bought a typewriter … Continue reading Written on my Grandmother’s Typewriter ::

24 hours in Melbourne — Part two ::

The train arrived a little over half an hour late and I made my way out of Southern Cross Station. Across the street I joined a fast-moving queue of people next to a sign that said: ‘$2 Coffee’. With coffee and a croissant I sat outside the station and watched the people crossing the junction at each change of the lights. When you come from … Continue reading 24 hours in Melbourne — Part two ::

Suicide seems entirely reasonable under certain circumstances ::

An elderly couple sat in the middle of the food court in the enormous, bustling shopping centre. Around them families with bands of children were unloading food out of McDonald’s bags or distributing onto smaller plates mounds of food from Chinese all you can eat buffets. The elderly couple seemed out of place, like animals drawn to an unfamiliar watering hole. As I walked past … Continue reading Suicide seems entirely reasonable under certain circumstances ::

Welcome to Swimming With Elephants ::

My name is Ashley A. B. Thomson. Through this blog I aim to create a coherent outlet for my writing whilst also filtering through it the best of things I read, watch and listen to. I will post pictures, photos, videos, quotes and articles here. It will be a combination of old blogs, a conglomeration. It will also be new. Thank you for reading. Kind regards, AABT Continue reading Welcome to Swimming With Elephants ::