An exercise in logical equivalence: tobacco vs. fossil fuels ::

Logical equivalence: Post-apocalyptic visions of the world plastered onto petrol pumps and the sides of airbuses. The Qantas kangaroo mad with starvation, its dead progeny rotting unbirthed in its pouch.

Logical equivalence: The path dependency of society’s reliance on petroleum stigmatised through a series of isolating measures. First the suburbs, then the side roads, then the main roads, then the highways and freeways: electric cars, bicycles and LPG-enabled vehicles only, please; this is our air too.

Logical equivalence: ‘Are you fossil fuel dependent? If so, how many litres of fuel do you consume?’ appears on census, medical and employment forms beneath ‘Do you smoke? If so, how often?’

Logical equivalence: EnviroLine national call centre established to assist people who are thinking about relapsing into fossil fuel use.

Logical equivalence: Self-starting social media campaigns with taglines like ‘I thought you were hot until I saw your 4WD’ and ‘If I get 5,000 likes my mum will quit her LandCruiser’ and ‘Passive flying is not as passive as you think.’

Logical equivalence: Smokers smoking as much as they like because yet-to-be-invented technologies will save them from the death they’re inviting.

A shekel for your thoughts?

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